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BurgerTime ColecoVision Rom

BurgerTime for ColecoVision

Aka: Hamburger
BurgerTime ColecoVision Rom Front
Game Review (written by Dragon) Added on: 17 Sep 2011
Like a great many of the early games for various home video gaming console systems, Burger Time has its roots in the coin operated arcades. It was developed by the Data East Corporation and released by Coleco for the ColecoVision in the middle eighties. It is a classic third person perspective platform game that has been made available for almost every platform, both old school and the more modern systems, such as mobile phone apps. It has been done and redone repeatedly, but it always goes back to the classic game play and the classic theme of a renegade restaurant.

You play a chef and your goal is to make an enormous hamburger out of ingredients that you can drop from girders above the assembly area. To drop the ingredients, you simply run across them, climb to the next tier for the next hamburger layer to run across it and so forth. The problem is that some of the food has gone bad…literally. Pickles, sausages and the dreaded fried egg will chase you about and try to deter you from your goal. You can stun them with pepper clouds from pepper shakers you collect. If your timing is good, you can also smash them beneath falling bits of food.

BurgerTime ColecoVision Download

Game Info

Year: 1984
Genre: ColecoVision Action & Arcade Games (128)
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aka: Hamburger
aka: Hamburger
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BurgerTime ColecoVision Rom
BurgerTime ColecoVision Rom 2
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