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Math Blaster C64 Download

Math Blaster for Commodore 64

Math Blaster C64 Rom
Game Review (written by Colinjacobs) Added on: 31 Dec 2006
I have often times played and at one point even owned different versions of the math blaster title. It is a great educational game which helps improve all basic math skills which come in handy through out most of your life. And best of all it's still fun while teaching math and can be enjoyed by all ages even if it becomes very simple later on in life. Great for honing math skills and keeping the mind active.
The Game: This particular version of math blaster is the original title. Game play is often times repetitive, overly simplified and easy, consisting of using math to pass different levels of different types which are for the most part somewhat similar and recur many times within the game. As you move further in the game equations become more difficult so that as your skills increase so does your ability to do well in game.
Players also have the choice to choose between different difficulty settings and different types of math they want included in game, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and combo (a mixture of both) are the choices. This system of allowing the player to choose which not just a difficulty but also the type of math to do allows the player to use the game throughout many different stages of learning and to continue to develop their basic math skills throughout life.
This is an educational game and as such the game play exceeds its purpose in not only being very effective at integrating math and teaching into a game but also in being fun for young students. This version of math blaster features 8 bit graphics in black and white. To put that in perspective a Nintendo entertainment system (released a few years after this game) used 8 bit graphics so this game fit right in place with the other games of its time and although it would be considered terrible by today’s standards the graphics are on par with the standard of the time, and since I still love lots of old games with 8 bit and worse graphics I can certainly stand to look at these.
The original version of this game, seen here, is still very similar to those available today.
Game play: 9
Replayability: 9
Educational Value: 9 (for younger children)
Overall: 9
Math Blaster C64 Download

Game Info

Year: 1983
Publisher: Davidson & Association
Genre: Commodore 64 Educational Games (2)  
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