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MS-DOS Computers
Sometimes new inventions are instantly popular because they are useful, and sometimes they are just instantly popular because they are different or interesting…new. If you are able to take a new idea, make it work, and make it work well…you have taken the first and most important step in successfully marketing an electronic gadget.

When the personal computer scene began implementing the MS-DOS operating system in IBM and PC compatible machines, it was one of the largest advancements in computing to that date. MS-DOS would eventually be replaced by a GUI operating system, primarily Windows, but from 1981 to the turn of the century, it was a main cog with frequent updates and releases.

The nice thing about the MS-DOS operating system was that it turned the home computer into a gaming console…a very versatile gaming console. Of course, it didn’t have the graphic or sound capabilities of the gaming consoles originally, but it continued to evolve, offering more complex games and functions each year. Plus, people could use computers for a wealth of other tasks, not just gaming. MS-DOS became a multi-tasker, even on the gaming front.

This multitasking filtered into the gaming scene. MS-DOS suddenly featured one of the largest libraries of games ever. It harbored everything from classic platformers to text-based adventure games. Some games were simple. Others offered seemingly endless inventory and dialogue. Probably some of the most famous and influential games in the history of MS-DOS were first person shooters. Titles such as Wolfenstein or Doom are practically household names and, of course, the Duke Nuke Em series is still alive and kicking, long past the age of DOS.

On that note, most games have left DOS behind and most personal computers have, as well. For that reason, many people have had to get a little creative when it comes to playing their old favorites. Emulation is at its finest when it comes to this old operating system, and classic gamers should have no trouble playing old games on more modern systems.

Top MS-DOS Games

1. Oregon Trail Deluxe 
Oregon Trail Deluxe MS-DOS 2
The Oregon Trail was the premier edutainment title of its day, being used in classrooms all across the world to help kids learn about A) The 1848 Gold Rush that ...
Oregon Trail Deluxe MS-DOS
2. Magic: The Gathering 
Magic: The Gathering MS-DOS 2
Magic: The Gathering is probably one of the most notorious card collecting games ever…ranking right up there with Pokemon for the card aspect and Dungeons and Dragons for the ...
Magic: The Gathering MS-DOS
3. Pirates Gold 
Pirates Gold MS-DOS
Sid Meier was well known for his simulation games. MicroProse Software was a premier developer of video games, so the combination of the two gaming powers made for a ...
4. Road Rash 
Road Rash MS-DOS 2
What wasn’t to love in EA’s Road Rash' Back in the day, it seemed like racing games from the coin operated arcade conversions were a dime a dozen, but not ...
Road Rash MS-DOS
5. Lords of The Realm 2 
Lords of The Realm 2 MS-DOS 2
Lords of the Realm 2, by Sierra Online, is quite obviously the sequel to the original Lords of the Realm, a top-down, real-time strategy game. It is a nice ...
Lords of The Realm 2 MS-DOS
6. Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets 
Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets MS-DOS 2
The Learning Company both developed and released this quaint little puzzle game. Super Solvers: Gizmos and Gadgets uses math, logic and some science as the basis behind the ...
Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets MS-DOS
7. Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99 
Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99 MS-DOS 2
Ultimate Soccer Manager was a series of European rules football games that was released by Sierra Online. Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99 is the final installment of this clever little ...
Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99 MS-DOS
8. Oregon Trail 
Oregon Trail MS-DOS 2
This is the original Oregon Trail…a classic among classics in edutainment titles. Oregon Trail was one of the first software choices for primary education back in the day when ...
Oregon Trail MS-DOS
9. Twisted Metal 2 
Twisted Metal 2 MS-DOS 2
Are you a wrench head' Do you like racing games' No' How about combat games' You kno... What if you could combine the two' Would that not make ...
Twisted Metal 2 MS-DOS
10. The Neverhood 
The Neverhood MS-DOS 2
The Neverhood was weird. That’s a pretty simple explanation, but it should be enough to intrigue a gamer, especially given the over-the-top themes in modern games. The Neverhood, ...
The Neverhood MS-DOS
11. Constructor 
Constructor MS-DOS 2
This game brings back some very fun memories. The management side is crucial and it works well, balanced well with the construction side of things the game is both entertaining ...
Constructor MS-DOS
12. System Shock 2 
System Shock 2 MS-DOS 2
System Shock 2 MS-DOS
13. The Incredible Machine 3.0 
The Incredible Machine 3.0 MS-DOS 2
Remember playing Mousetrap' That delightful board game with the crazy contraption that you peace together' Marbols rolling, cages falling, switches being flipped' Well welcome to the videogame. The incredible Machine 3.0 ...
The Incredible Machine 3.0 MS-DOS
14. Lords of Magic: Special Edition 
Lords of Magic: Special Edition MS-DOS
15. Yoot Tower 
Yoot Tower MS-DOS 2
Yoot Tower MS-DOS
16. Cricket 97 
Cricket 97 MS-DOS
Cricket 97 is a good game in its time. I remember when I first went on it in about 2001, there were much better games out at the time but ...
17. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego 
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego MS-DOS 2
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego MS-DOS
18. Lords of the Realm 2: Siege Pack 
Lords of the Realm 2: Siege Pack MS-DOS
19. Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Edition 
Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Edition MS-DOS 2
Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Edition MS-DOS
20. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans 
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans MS-DOS 2
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans MS-DOS
21. Metal Gear Solid 
Metal Gear Solid MS-DOS 2
Metal Gear Solid MS-DOS
22. Lode Runner: The Legend Returns 
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns MS-DOS 2
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns MS-DOS
23. X-COM: Apocalypse 
X-COM: Apocalypse MS-DOS 2
X-COM: Apocalypse MS-DOS
24. Tie Fighter 
Tie Fighter MS-DOS 2
Tie Fighter MS-DOS
25. Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain 
Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain MS-DOS 2
Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain MS-DOS
26. SimTower 
SimTower MS-DOS 2
SimTower is a highly addictive, yet quite compact, simulation game created by Yoot Saito, a twisted genius from Maxis. The premise of the game is about as simple as they ...
SimTower MS-DOS
27. Aladdin 
Aladdin MS-DOS 2
Aladdin is a game I played when I was young with my brother all day and I would still play it today! It is one of the few great games ...
Aladdin MS-DOS
28. Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 
Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 MS-DOS 2
I've always been a big fan of footbal games. I enjoy the near endless permutations you can get with sports games, in that no two games are exactly the same ...
Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 MS-DOS
29. Master of Orion 
Master of Orion MS-DOS 2
Master of Orion was the game that first got me hooked on turn based strategy games. The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. You start of on a home ...
Master of Orion MS-DOS
30. Marble Drop 
Marble Drop MS-DOS 2
Marble Drop MS-DOS
31. Metal Fatigue 
Metal Fatigue MS-DOS 2
Metal Fatigue is a top notch turn of the century real time strategy game that surrounds a deep futuristic world, filled with battle mech and powerful robots. It was ...
Metal Fatigue MS-DOS
32. Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation 
Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation MS-DOS 2
Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation MS-DOS
33. Dinopark Tycoon 
Dinopark Tycoon MS-DOS 2
Dinopark Tycoon MS-DOS
34. Sim Ant 
Sim Ant MS-DOS 2
Sim Ant MS-DOS
35. Civilization 
Civilization MS-DOS 2
Civilization MS-DOS
36. The House of the Dead 
The House of the Dead MS-DOS 2
The House of the Dead MS-DOS
37. Leisure Suit Larry 
Leisure Suit Larry MS-DOS 2
Leisure Suit Larry is the first in a line of games created by Al Lowe and published by Sierra On-Line and originally released in 1987. Crude graphics and even cruder ...
Leisure Suit Larry MS-DOS
38. Sanitarium 
Sanitarium MS-DOS 2
Sanitarium MS-DOS
39. Transport Tycoon Deluxe 
Transport Tycoon Deluxe MS-DOS 2
Transport Tycoon Deluxe MS-DOS
40. Lemmings 
Lemmings MS-DOS 2
Lemmings MS-DOS
41. Prince of Persia 
Prince of Persia MS-DOS 2
Prince of Persia MS-DOS
42. Lion King 
Lion King MS-DOS 2
Lion King MS-DOS
43. Oddworld: Abe Exoddus 
Oddworld: Abe Exoddus MS-DOS 2
Oddworld: Abe Exoddus MS-DOS
44. Blood 2: The Chosen 
Blood 2: The Chosen MS-DOS 2
Blood 2: The Chosen was the much anticipated sequel to the 1997 Monolith game, Blood. In it, you assumed the role of the undead protagonist 'Caleb', a wise cracking zombie ...
Blood 2: The Chosen MS-DOS
45. Crunchling Adventure 
Crunchling Adventure MS-DOS 2
Crunchling Adventure MS-DOS
46. Atomic Bomberman 
Atomic Bomberman MS-DOS 2
Atomic Bomberman MS-DOS
47. Syndicate Wars 
Syndicate Wars MS-DOS 2
Syndicate Wars MS-DOS
48. Return to Zork 
Return to Zork MS-DOS 2
Return to Zork MS-DOS
49. Imperialism 
Imperialism MS-DOS 2
Imperialism is an excellent lightweight strategy game that works flawlessly under Windows. It has an excellent replay value and I cannot recount the times I played it myself. The goal of ...
Imperialism MS-DOS
50. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 MS-DOS 2
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 MS-DOS

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