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DOS Simulation Games

4x4 Off-Road Racing 
4x4 Off-Road Racing MS-DOS
688 Attack Sub 
688 Attack Sub MS-DOS
A-10 Tank Killer 
A-10 Tank Killer MS-DOS
A-10 Tank Killer v1.5 
A-10 Tank Killer v1.5 MS-DOS
A-10 Tank Killer allows you to pilot a fearsome ground-support plane, avoiding terrain while targeting enemy vehicles and buildings. The game is easy to start playing, yet is still challenging ...
A320 Airbus 
A320 Airbus MS-DOS
For those gamers and pilot wannabes who enjoy a good flight simulator, A320 Airbus is a great early example of such that still holds its own against similar games in ...
Aces of The Deep 
Aces of The Deep MS-DOS
Aces of The Pacific 
Aces of The Pacific MS-DOS
Aces over Europe 
Aces over Europe MS-DOS
Achtung Spitfire! 
Achtung Spitfire! MS-DOS
AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet 
AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet MS-DOS
Air Bucks 
Air Bucks MS-DOS
Air Bucks is a classic business simulation game that centers around running an airline. It is much more a management style of game than it is a flight simulator, ...
Airline Simulator 97 
Airline Simulator 97 MS-DOS
Airlines MS-DOS
American Civil War: From Sumter To Appomattox 
American Civil War: From Sumter To Appomattox MS-DOS
Apache Longbow 
Apache Longbow MS-DOS
Apollo 18 
Apollo 18 MS-DOS
Archimedean Dynasty 
Archimedean Dynasty MS-DOS
ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighters 
ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighters MS-DOS
Advanced Tactical Fighters is an air combat flight simulator. There are three scenarios in the single player mode. You will have your training program that will assist you in learning ...
B-17 Flying Fortress 
B-17 Flying Fortress MS-DOS
Letís not go around the bush with this game, it is old, the sound is pretty simple, and the gameís pretty repetitive. However this has to be one of the ...
Balance of Power 1990 edition 
Balance of Power 1990 edition MS-DOS
Black Gold - Oil Imperium 
Black Gold - Oil Imperium MS-DOS
Car Builder 
Car Builder MS-DOS
Carrier Command 
Carrier Command MS-DOS
Championship Manager Italia 
Championship Manager Italia MS-DOS
Championship Manager Norge 1995 
Championship Manager Norge 1995 MS-DOS
Command Aces of The Deep 
Command Aces of The Deep MS-DOS
Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator 
Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator MS-DOS
Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator is an interesting strategy game from the early nineties that was created by U.S. Gold and published by Strategic Simulations Incorporated, who are fairly famous ...
Crazy Cars 3 
Crazy Cars 3 MS-DOS
Detroit MS-DOS
Doonesbury Election Game - Campaign 96 
Doonesbury Election Game - Campaign 96 MS-DOS
Elite MS-DOS
Elite Plus 
Elite Plus MS-DOS
F 117 
F 117 MS-DOS
F-14 Tomcat 
F-14 Tomcat MS-DOS
F-15 Strike Eagle 2 
F-15 Strike Eagle 2 MS-DOS
F-15 Strike Eagle 3 
F-15 Strike Eagle 3 MS-DOS
F-16 Fighting Falcon 
F-16 Fighting Falcon MS-DOS
First of all I have enjoyed this game so far. I have played the single flight mode, not campaign, numerous times. I found the game difficult to play with the ...
F-16: Combat Pilot 
F-16: Combat Pilot MS-DOS
F-19 Stealth Fighter - Project Stealth Fighter 
F-19 Stealth Fighter - Project Stealth Fighter MS-DOS
F-22 Lightning 2 
F-22 Lightning 2 MS-DOS
FA-18 Hornet 3.0 
FA-18 Hornet 3.0 MS-DOS
FA-18 Korea 
FA-18 Korea MS-DOS
Fast Attack 
Fast Attack MS-DOS
Flight Commander 2 
Flight Commander 2 MS-DOS
Flight Unlimited 
Flight Unlimited MS-DOS
Free Enterprise 
Free Enterprise MS-DOS
Frontier: Elite 2 
Frontier: Elite 2 MS-DOS
Girlfriend Construction Set 
Girlfriend Construction Set MS-DOS
I remember playing this game when I was a bit younger, and as a female playing this game, I'd have have to say it's fun for both guys as well ...
Great Naval Battles 3 
Great Naval Battles 3 MS-DOS
Great Naval Battles 5 
Great Naval Battles 5 MS-DOS
Exciting tactical game that is a follow up Great Naval Battle four and is not to much different they improved the graphics and the speed of the game is a ...
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