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Bumpy DOS Download

Bumpy for MS-DOS

Bumpy DOS Download
Game Review (written by Tightbitch) Added on: 27 Aug 2008
This arcade game brings back so many memories of my early childhood. This game at home was played
by all the family and loved so much, and played on the ancient computers that they invented in
the 90's. This game is a very early classic of the 90's and many people I knew played
this game, as it gave you somthing to compete with at school. So all I can remember from this game is that the graphics are quiet good for an older, rare game. It is sometimes a bit slow, but easy to see and follow.

It's not your typical 3D OR 2D, like most games are, but its in the most easiest format ever, 'flatscreen'. Yeah! This game is a puzzle and an adventure game, which if you're into puzzles then this is the game for you. This game starts off easy, then as you complete levels, it gets harder and harder. In fact, I don't think I can remember anyone ever completing this game, as it got so difficult. So if you are a Bumpy fan and like very hard games, then this is also the game for you.

The colour was very bland in this game, and the background had very little colour and it wasn't very amusing, but the flipside is that it did not distract you from the strategy of the game. The sound on this game doesn't compare to the games now, but most gamers have to shut it off to out-think the courses, anyway. Basically all I can remember of the game is that Bumpy was a red bouncing ball filled with air. You always started Bumpy off on a board that had holes on it. Each hole was a level, and Bumpy could choose to enter any of the levels that were there. Each level must be completed to move onto the next one. On each level there were the typical obstacles, such as pits and spikes, which would cause Bumpy to pop, and to restart the level. Bumpy has to collect the different items that are in the different levels. He then must exit the level by a portal to complete the level and to move onto the next one.

This game was a great part of my life as it was fun and entertaining for a little kid, but this game can be enjoyed by anyone. But be warned: levels can get hard to complete. I dont think I ever completed the whole game. I enjoyed it because it was so 1990's, so take the time to have a go, you might enjoy it.
Bumpy MS-DOS Download

Game Info

Year: 1992
Publisher: Loriciel
Developer: Loriciel
Genre: MS-DOS Action & Arcade Games (275)  
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Bumpy DOS Download
Bumpy DOS Download 2
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