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Hillsfar DOS Download

Hillsfar for MS-DOS

Hillsfar DOS Download
Game Review (written by Sk8ertoker) Added on: 31 Dec 2006
Hillsfar, an AD&D game published by SSI and developed by Westwood, was my first rpg at the age of 6. With its excellent story, genius gameplay and brilliant mini games (including an excellent lock picking interface) this game was as in depth as you could get in 1989.
There hasn't been rpg since which captured all the aspects this game had including horse back riding ( enjoyable but monotonous), an archery range (really fun and frustrating), an Arena( fun and easy with each competitor having their own fight pattern) and the aforementioned lock picking interface which needed the use of different lock picks and a quick hand to use.
The game play was pretty good, with a decent story line and a fairly good guild system with enough missions to keep everyone occupied for at least a little awhile. Make your choice of the fairly standard options (I'm sure you can name them) of fighter, thief, mage and ... wait for it .... cleric. Yes, the choices weren't great, and there were not too many subquests but hey it was ' 89, you were expecting maybe something like Oblivion? Anyways, complete your quests as any of your four (you can only choose one) would-be-heroes and you beat the game, but with each guild comes a different series of quests so it appeals to all casual and die hard Rpg's, with combat only available in the arena and an abundance of locks to pick both the fighters and thieves guild have a lot of gameplay to offer. I personally never liked the mage or cleric classes but all have their own weapon restrictions staying true to the D&D laws all Rpg's are familiar with.
But the real magic of this game is its many perspectives. Most games give you only one or at best two, Hillsfar allows you to have a 1st person(competing at the Archery Range), 3rd person(fighting at the Arena) , and top-down perspectives( exploring the many buildings an dungeons).
There it is whether you're a fan of old school role playing games, a beginner at the D&D scene or a hardcore nextgen'er wanting to see what the good ol' days were like, look into this game for a blast of warm fuzzy nostalgia and don’t forget to pick a few locks!
Hillsfar MS-DOS Download

Game Info

Year: 1989
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
Genre: MS-DOS Role-Playing Games (65)  
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