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SimCity 2000 DOS Download

SimCity 2000 for MS-DOS

SimCity 2000 DOS Download
Game Review (written by RSchlapp) Added on: 24 Apr 2009
I have to say that this is a pretty good sim for its time. I thought it was a little to demanding and required too much set up in order to get things rolling. It is a fairly involved game. The basic idea is to set up a city with residential, light industry and heavy industrial areas. You choose to put emergency services such as police, firefighters where they can cover the areas best. Each has a limited coverage area. They also give you options for power, whether you are into smog filled city and using coal to a nuclear power plant. Every choice you make has a positive side to it, such as less pollution, population draws, or fewer crimes, but they also all have drawbacks, such as the need for higher taxes, traffic congetion or smog.

I think they went too far in how you have to connect the city with underwater pipes and power lines. I dont really like the action you get trying to move everything around using the mouse and the edit menus are just a little misleading. It is a lot to think about and look at, and is very reflective of building a real city. After you set everything up you then sit back and look at your city grow. You do have the ability to expand your roadways to other cities but the fun is more in keeping the heart of your city functioning smoothly and keeping the people happy.

The graphics were not the greatest but at the time this came and the type of game it is they are not as bad as some other games. If you are interested in just playing the game without all the financial stress there are plenty of game cheats out there you can use to get unlimited money so all you have to do is just build your city anyway you want.

You could get a little more realistic play with the issues each new politician would bring with them if there were actual elections, but SimCity 2000 just gives you a candidate for each office and you have to live with it. It really doesn't change the way you would design the city is just a touch I would have liked. They touch a little on it with there newspapers and what the people think. I do like the fact that they added a terrain editor.

Now if a hill or mountain is in your way just plow it out. If you want to add water then lower the terrain and do so. It gives you more "god" power so that the city is exactly the way you want it to look. After you have designed your ultimate city though, just step back and look at what you can create. Me personally, I like to watch the destruction at that point.
SimCity 2000 MS-DOS Download

Game Info

Year: 1996
Publisher: Maxis Software Inc.
Developer: Maxis Software, Inc.
Genre: MS-DOS Simulation Games (100)  
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Download SimCity 2000 for MS-DOS

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aka: Sim City, Micropolis
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SimCity 2000 DOS Download
SimCity 2000 DOS Download 2
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