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Zork 1 DOS Download

Zork 1 for MS-DOS

Zork 1 DOS Download
Game Review (written by RyanOD) Added on: 4 Sep 2006
Wow. I can still remember what seemed like endless nights playing Zork 1. A great game that really started the ball rolling. Without Zork, where would WOW be? Everyone should download and play this game to gain a little perspective on how far we have come.

Infocom was a truly revolutionary company. Nearly every game they produced was able to capture the mind of the user - and they did it without graphics!! Unbelievable. Think about how much graphic support is needed these days to push a game to market.

After you finish Zork, I encourage you to try Infocom's others offerings.
Zork 1 MS-DOS Download

Game Info

Year: 1982
Publisher: Infocom
Developer: Infocom
Genre: MS-DOS Adventure Games (100)  
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Download Zork 1 for MS-DOS

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Zork 1 DOS Download
Zork 1 DOS Download 2
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