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Shenmue Dreamcast Rom & ISO

Shenmue for Sega Dreamcast

Aka: Virtua Fighter RPG, Project Berkley
Shenmue Dreamcast Rom Front
Game Review (written by Theblackyak) Added on: 13 Oct 2011
Shenmue can be described as an epic game on any front, but it is certainly the fortress of SEGAís role playing game war. Developed by SEGA-AM2 and released by SEGA of America in November or 2000, this game is one of the more ultimate hybrids in the gaming industry and it spawned an entire series that is still updating and upgrading. A little bit action, a little bit adventure, and a whole lot of role playing, Shenmue also offers a heavy dose of martial arts style fighting, which has become a gaming genre unto itself.
To top off the high activity level, Shenmue also offers a great story and an appealing look. The accelerated version of the story sees young Ryu arrive at his home doorstep to see his father being brutally slain by Lan Di, a family friend. Though Ryu tries to stop him, he is too young, weak and untrained. To avenge his fatherís death, Ryu vows to amend his inadequacies and track down his fatherís killer. He will discover many family secrets in the process.
The fighting system is similar to Virtua Fighter and the role playing aspect is light and simple, basically encompassing allocating skill points as Ryu trains and gains in strength and confidence.

Shenmue Dreamcast Download

Game Info

Year: 2000
Genre: Sega Dreamcast Adventure Games (125)  
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aka: Virtua Fighter Mini
aka: Virtua Fighter Mini
aka: Bacha Faita
aka: Bacha Faita Suri, Virtua Fighter 3 TB
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Shenmue Dreamcast Rom
Shenmue Dreamcast Rom 2
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