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Virtua Tennis Dreamcast Rom & ISO

Virtua Tennis for Sega Dreamcast

Aka: Power Smash, Virtua Tennis - Sega Professional Tennis
Virtua Tennis Dreamcast Rom Front
Game Review (written by Theblackyak) Added on: 13 Oct 2011
It can be said pretty confidently that the Sega Dreamcast was not really known for its sports collection of games. Few of their developers really concentrated on the sporting genre, and those that did tended to veer away from the mainstream games.
Take, for example, Virtua Tennis by Hitmaker. Published by Sega, it is one of the best selling sports games for the Dreamcast, but it is obviously not one of the “big three”: football, basketball or baseball. It had its beginnings in the coin operated arcades and is a licensed title that will allow you to see some real professional tennis scenes.
The allure of Virtua Tennis is the fact that it puts the gamer in the shoes of a tennis pro and sets up the game so that you really feel like the tennis player. There is as much energy put into preparing for a big match as what goes into the match itself. When you enter the arena, the adrenaline rush and roar of the crowd is pretty much palpable. That is why Virtua Tennis was touted as the most lifelike and realistic tennis game ever…at least in its day.
There are eight licensed players you can select from and play as. There are also secret stars you can uncover and unlock as you play more and more. There is a traditional arcade mode, and you can also get into it deep with a very active four player mode for a doubles challenge. The world circuit mode is the epic end to this tennis adventure and is reserved for those experienced in the ways of Virtu Tennis.

Virtua Tennis Dreamcast Download

Game Info

Year: 2000
Genre: Sega Dreamcast Sports Games (88)  
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aka: Power Smash 2, Virtua Tennis 2
aka: Super Tennis
aka: Tennis
aka: Tenisu
aka: Tennis, Tenisu
aka: Super Tennis World Circuit
aka: Tennis, Match Point
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Virtua Tennis Dreamcast Rom
Virtua Tennis Dreamcast Rom 2
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