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The Nintendo Game Boy
While Nintendo had a very definite grasp on the home video gaming console market, a new fad was fast on the rise. With manufacturers, such as Coleco and Mattel tapping into the market of handheld electronic gaming, bigger fish like Nintendo gave pause to think. If companies could make a living on hand held games that were hard wired to play only a single game, what would happen if the portability of these games was combined with the popularity of cartridge-based home video gaming consoles? Game Boy answered that question.

Nintendo already had some experience in this department following the launch of their Game and Watch series in 1980. But home video gaming was too fresh and too expensive for that series to make an impact like the Game Boy did. The Game Boy was launched as a bundle with the puzzle game, Tetris. It became the system’s hottest game, selling over 30 million copies. Pokemon was also a 25 million copy winner, and became the subject of many special edition Game Boys.

There were several handheld systems that were technologically superior, but the Game Boy emerged on top of the handheld field very quickly. Perhaps riding on the Nintendo name, the Game Boy sold a million units—its entire shipment—in just weeks after it was introduced to North America. People were craving this new product by Nintendo and new Game Boy games could not be introduced quickly enough.

Today, handheld gaming is just as popular as home consoles. As gamers work their way through PSP and 3DS games, many likely don’t spend much time thinking about the old Game Boy games. Those who do, however, are in luck. The Game Boy has already been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame and is the most successful handheld game ever. For that reason, it is still pretty easy to find Game Boy Roms that can be downloaded and played, offering some of the greatest nostalgia and a lesson in the turning point of handheld gaming.

Top Nintendo Game Boy Games

1. Tetris 
Tetris Game Boy 2
Tetris is probably the game that can be credited with making the Game Boy. Not only did the game come bundled often with the handheld gaming device, but it ...
Tetris Game Boy
2. Super Mario Land 
Super Mario Land Game Boy 2
Super Mario Land is yet another game in the huge stable of Mario games. This is the first time Mario made an appearance on the Game Boy, but of ...
Super Mario Land Game Boy
3. Donkey Kong 
Donkey Kong Game Boy 2
Donkey Kong for the Game Boy is pretty much the same as Donkey Kong for the plethora of other gaming formats to which it was ported…just smaller and cuter. ...
Donkey Kong Game Boy
4. Pokemon Red 
Pokemon Red Game Boy 2
The Nintendo Game Boy was well known for its Pokemon games, and the color coded monster collecting games were often bundled with specific machines as functional collector’s item. Especially ...
Pokemon Red Game Boy
5. Star Wars 
Star Wars Game Boy 2
Star Wars has a game (at least one) on pretty much every gaming platform in existence, and the Game Boy is no different. Released in 1992 very early in ...
Star Wars Game Boy
6. Pokemon Yellow 
Pokemon Yellow Game Boy 2
Yet another color-coded game in the line of Pokemon games for Nintendo’s Game Boy, Pokemon Yellow was the special Pikachu edition. Like the others, it is suitable in content and ...
Pokemon Yellow Game Boy
7. Mortal Kombat 
Mortal Kombat Game Boy 2
One of the most notable fighting games in the history of fighting games, Mortal Kombat for Nintendo’s Game Boy is a port of the classic…which in turn was a port ...
Mortal Kombat Game Boy
8. Tamagotchi 
Tamagotchi Game Boy 2
Tamagotchi was a Game Boy exclusive that was released in the late nineties. It features very cool anime or manga style artwork with big expressive faces and exaggerated features. ...
Tamagotchi Game Boy
9. Toy Story 
Toy Story Game Boy 2
Disney’s Toy Story was such a popular film that it inspired numerous video games on numerous platforms. Here it is seen on Nintendo’s Game Boy as a fully licensed ...
Toy Story Game Boy
10. Godzilla 
Godzilla Game Boy 2
Godzilla…the terror of Japan…subject of numerous films, comics, books and other forms of media. It was only time before he got his own video game. While Nintendo’s Game Boy version ...
Godzilla Game Boy
11. Dr. Mario 
Dr. Mario Game Boy 2
Dr. Mario Game Boy
12. Double Dragon 
Double Dragon Game Boy 2
Double Dragon Game Boy
13. Batman 
Batman Game Boy 2
Batman Game Boy
14. Mickey Mouse 
Mickey Mouse Game Boy 2
Mickey Mouse Game Boy
15. Prince of Persia 
Prince of Persia Game Boy 2
Prince of Persia Game Boy
16. Pokemon Blue 
Pokemon Blue Game Boy 2
Pokemon Blue Game Boy
17. Killer Instinct 
Killer Instinct Game Boy 2
Killer Instinct Game Boy
18. Jurassic Park 
Jurassic Park Game Boy 2
Jurassic Park Game Boy
19. Pac Man 
Pac Man Game Boy 2
Pac Man...Who in the world doesn't know what this game is about' Little yellow tennis ball fella has to eat lots of pills and bonus fruits - while escaping the ...
Pac Man Game Boy
20. Monopoly 
Monopoly Game Boy 2
Monopoly Game Boy
21. Street Fighter 2 
Street Fighter 2 Game Boy 2
Street Fighter 2 Game Boy
22. James Bond 007 
James Bond 007 Game Boy 2
James Bond 007 Game Boy
23. Yoshi 
Yoshi Game Boy 2
Yoshi Game Boy
24. Looney Tunes 
Looney Tunes Game Boy 2
Looney Tunes Game Boy
25. Bubble Bobble 
Bubble Bobble Game Boy 2
Bubble Bobble Game Boy
26. Adventure Island 
Adventure Island Game Boy 2
Adventure Island Game Boy
27. Asterix 
Asterix Game Boy 2
Asterix Game Boy
28. Space Invaders 
Space Invaders Game Boy 2
Space Invaders Game Boy
29. Nemesis 
Nemesis Game Boy 2
Nemesis Game Boy
30. Home Alone 
Home Alone Game Boy 2
Home Alone Game Boy
31. Lucky Luke 
Lucky Luke Game Boy 2
Lucky Luke Game Boy
32. Mortal Kombat 2 
Mortal Kombat 2 Game Boy 2
Mortal Kombat 2 Game Boy
33. Road Rash 
Road Rash Game Boy 2
Road Rash Game Boy
34. RoboCop 
RoboCop Game Boy 2
RoboCop Game Boy
35. Donkey Kong Land 
Donkey Kong Land Game Boy 2
Donkey Kong Land Game Boy
36. Tom and Jerry 
Tom and Jerry Game Boy 2
Tom and Jerry Game Boy
37. The Lion King 
The Lion King Game Boy 2
The Lion King Game Boy
38. Duck Tales 
Duck Tales Game Boy 2
Duck Tales Game Boy
39. Mega Man 2 
Mega Man 2 Game Boy 2
Mega Man 2 Game Boy
40. Hugo 
Hugo Game Boy 2
Hugo Game Boy
41. Wario Land 2 
Wario Land 2 Game Boy 2
Wario Land 2 Game Boy
42. Baseball 
Baseball Game Boy 2
Baseball Game Boy
43. Paperboy 
Paperboy Game Boy 2
Paperboy Game Boy
44. Pokemon Green 
Pokemon Green Game Boy 2
Pokemon Green Game Boy
45. Final Fantasy Adventure 
Final Fantasy Adventure Game Boy 2
Final Fantasy Adventure Game Boy
46. Donkey Kong Land 2 
Donkey Kong Land 2 Game Boy 2
Donkey Kong Land 2 Game Boy
47. Battle City 
Battle City Game Boy 2
Battle City Game Boy
48. NBA Jam 
NBA Jam Game Boy 2
NBA Jam Game Boy
49. Mega Man 3 
Mega Man 3 Game Boy 2
Mega Man 3 Game Boy
50. Casper 
Casper Game Boy 2
Casper Game Boy

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