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Commodore 64 (1982)
MS-DOS (1982)
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N64 (1996)
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NES Strategy Games

Anticipation NES
Archon NES 2
Archon NES
Bandit Kings of Ancient China 
Bandit Kings of Ancient China NES 2
Bandit Kings of Ancient China NES
Battleship NES 2
Battleship NES
Clu Clu Land 
Clu Clu Land NES
Conflict NES 2
Conflict is a war game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that takes place on a hexagon grid. It is a turn based strategy game that can be played as ...
Conflict NES
Defender of the Crown 
Defender of the Crown NES 2
Defender of the Crown NES
Desert Commander 
Desert Commander NES 2
Desert Commander NES
Double Dare 
Double Dare NES
Family Feud 
Family Feud NES 2
Family Feud is a Nintendo Entertainment System game that is based on a classic television game show that is still in syndication to this day, albeit it has gone through ...
Family Feud NES
Gemfire NES
Genghis Khan 
Genghis Khan NES 2
Genghis Khan NES
Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters 
Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters NES 2
Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters NES
Hatris NES
Hollywood Squares 
Hollywood Squares NES 2
Hollywood Squares NES
Kickle Cubicle 
Kickle Cubicle NES
L'Empereur NES 2
L'Empereur NES
Loopz NES
M.U.L.E. NES 2
Monopoly NES
North and South 
North and South NES 2
North and South NES
Othello NES
Overlord NES 2
Overlord NES
Palamedes NES 2
Palamedes NES
Pipe Dream 
Pipe Dream NES 2
Pipe Dream NES
Rampart NES 2
Rampart NES
Remote Control 
Remote Control NES 2
Remote Control NES
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 NES 2
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 NES
Shingen the Ruler 
Shingen the Ruler NES
Short Order 
Short Order NES
Spy vs. Spy 
Spy vs. Spy NES 2
Spy vs. Spy NES
The Chessmaster 
The Chessmaster NES
The Trolls in Crazyland 
The Trolls in Crazyland NES
Tiles of Fate 
Tiles of Fate NES
Trolls on Treasure Island 
Trolls on Treasure Island NES 2
Trolls on Treasure Island NES
Uncharted Waters 
Uncharted Waters NES 2
Uncharted Waters NES
Wario's Woods 
Wario's Woods NES
Yoshi's Cookie 
Yoshi's Cookie NES 2
Yoshi's Cookie NES
NES Emulators
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