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Mario Bros. NES Rom

Mario Bros. for Nintendo Entertainment System

Aka: Mario Brothers, Mario Burazazu
Mario Bros. NES Rom Front
Game Review (written by Theblackyak) Added on: 7 Feb 2012
The original Mario Bros., from about 1986, is a platform game with some emphasis on puzzle solving. It, of course, features the Mario Brothers…the two little cartoon dudes who would become the world’s most famous plumbers ever.

The plot driving this simple and straight forward game involves that fact that the city’s sewer system has been tragically compromised by a host of baddies. It is up to the plumber brothers to clear the pipes of this infestation and restore sewer usage to the city. This will be no easy task. The critters in the drains are both numerous and aggressive.

The game features both single player and two player play, with one player controlling the more popular Mario and the other controlling the newly introduced Luigi. There will be crabs, turtles and fighter flies that can be dispatched by jumping beneath them and popping the platform that they are on. Kick them away to prevent them from un-stunning themselves after your little bop knocks them silly. As you battle baddies, you will collect coins and once you have enough coins in your possession, the level is cleared and you will move on to the next. Two player play is competitive, and the person who is first to collect the required number of coins will be declared the winner.

Mario Bros. NES Download

Game Info

Year: 1986
Genre: Nintendo Entertainment System Action & Arcade Games (506)  
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aka: Mario Brothers, Mario Burazazu
aka: Mario Brothers, Mario Burazazu
aka: Mario Brothers, Mario Burazazu
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Mario Bros. NES Rom
Mario Bros. NES Rom 2
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