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LEGO Racers N64 Rom

LEGO Racers for Nintendo 64

LEGO Racers N64 Rom Front
Game Review (written by Jejemama) Added on: 5 Feb 2012
Lego racer is definitely the most amazing « mariokartlike » game and it will give good souvenirs to every Lego fan like me.
This new release keeps all the good things off the previous ones adding a better visual sensations and an update of available theme.
Why is lego racer better than other « mariokartlike » ?
First off all, lego racer send you in the really diverse and fantastic universe of Lego, with his tenth off themes: pirates, cow boys, space, city, middle-age and pharaoh: each of those themes will make you dream and allow you to run your imagination.
This part of the game has been really well developed, with funny and exiting music, a real sense of humor and excellent and diverse ambiances. Every new race is an adventure with its own details, tricks, ambiance, and hidden shortcuts to discover.
The gameplay is good, and the options you can catch during the race are really a lot of fun. One of the originality of the concept is that you can accumulate tokens to increase the power off your items. The items are classics: boost, shoot and traps. But the originality of the accumulating system make it more original because you have to choose a kind of item and keep on collecting it if you don’t want to reset the token accumulated.
The basics in race competitiveness are there; single player campaign to discover more race field, multiplayer game possibility (of course) and a good Artificial Intelligence of the bots player witch make the level rather high and more fun for competitive mind.
The best part for the end
But obviously the best of all of this is the car construction facility. The main and funniest facility of this game is the possibility to really build and play your own Lego car. You can choose the theme, the color. Do you want to build a small rolling castle or maybe would you prefer a pirate boat on wheel? That’s definitively a really important and funny part of the game and the building application is rather easy to use.
Off course, Lego fans are definitely the ones who will appreciate more this game, allowing them to remember good moment of their youth, but the game is well made and everybody will find here really good sensations and a lot of fun.
Last thing before we let you playing: there is a trick to allow you to have a free boost on the start of the every race: will you find it?
Have a good game.

LEGO Racers N64 Download

Game Info

Year: 1999
Publisher: LEGO Media
Developer: High Voltage Software
Genre: Nintendo 64 Driving & Racing Games (62)  
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LEGO Racers N64 Rom
LEGO Racers N64 Rom 2
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