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Resident Evil 2 N64 Rom

Resident Evil 2 for Nintendo 64

Aka: Biohazard 2
Resident Evil 2 N64 Rom Front
Game Review (written by AndyG364) Added on: 4 Nov 2010
Resident Evil 2 is one of the most enjoyable classic Survival Horror genre games that you are ever likely to play. Of the series it is definitely the one that stuck out the most for me and built the intrigue for the series.
Resident Evil 2 stars Leon Kennedy (Rookie Cop on his first day) and Claire Redfield, who is the sister of Chris Redfield, of Raccoon P.D's elite tactical group. Both have their own parts to play. So much so that you play through both of their stories independently. This is a fantastic twist as which ever character you play first, the other has a different start point, puzzles, weaponry and mission directive. The independence of the other character rather than playing exactly the same scenarios as if the other wasn't there is great.
As the plot unfolds Claire investigates her brotherís disappearance in the mountains in Resident Evil 1 in an attempt to find him, while Leon's primary goal is to survive his first shift working with Claire. Along with these primary characters they discover a few others. The mysterious Ada and the little Burkett schoolgirl.
The variety of enemies is good from your stereotypical Groan-And-Slouch Zombies we all love, to the acrobatic and terrifying licker, Giant Tarantulas and the various guises of the Virus hybrids. Remember, fleeing is always an option, and sometimes a really good idea, particularly for the big hulk of a creature dropped from the sky.
Whilst playing you should get a feel for the best types of weapons to use on each creature. Sadly while Claire's Crossbow can ever-so-coolly nail a zombie to the wall, the limited Hi-Centre-Low attack trajectories give very limited usage. However, the Grenade Launcher has different ammo types and can make up for this fact. Think very hard about your inventory types in this game. There is only a limited and very plausible amount of items you can carry. While admirable, I know there are fans screaming for more pocket space to take out these A'holes! But every gamer wants a challenge and this is just one of the many set in this game.
Unfortunately for the casual gamer, those who are married (when we can find the time) or others prone to having to go out every hour or so and need to turn the system off, the number of saves are limited and count towards your final score rating. While this may hamper your quest for the extra costumes and the personal pride aspect, it's really not that big a deal.
The main selling point for me on this game is the ambience. I was instantly captivated and anyone who has played any game in this series will know exactly what I'm talking about. The music, the echoes and the camera angles just scream suspense. The puzzles do make you think and don't be shy about walking into corners and pressing the action button in an attempt to scrounge ammo... you will need it. If your pockets are full, dump stuff in the crates and come back for it.
Looking at the game now from the perspective of Resident Evil 5 and the Shoot'em-Ups it's a great starter and this is a must play, particularly to see the back stories for the later games. Resident Evil 2 for N64 is better than the first and the In Game Cut scenes are far better than the cheesy filmed parts of the first. I give it 9/10.
Resident Evil 2 N64 Download

Game Info

Year: 1999
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Angel Studios
Genre: Nintendo 64 Action & Arcade Games (132)  
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aka: Resident Evil 2 - Platinum, Biohazard 2 Value Plus
aka: Rayman 2 Forever, Biohazard
aka: Biohazard
aka: Biohazard Code - Veronica, Baiohazado Kodo Beronika
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Resident Evil 2 N64 Rom
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