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WWF No Mercy N64 Rom

WWF No Mercy for Nintendo 64

WWF No Mercy N64 Rom Front
Game Review (written by Geoff78) Added on: 18 Nov 2010
I first played WWF No Mercy when it first came out in 2000. The one thing this game has over all other wrestling games is the Story Mode. It is this mode that gets your attention and pulls you in. Storylines are weight specific, belt specific, and in some instances character specific which equates to masses of replay value. Not only do you get specific storylines, you they also branch in different directions. So if you lose that triple threat match have no fear, you get to branch off in a different story thread. That is the main draw for this game.
The graphics are chunky, and were decent enough back in the day, although the action is slow and sluggish. Thatís not to say the controls are unresponsive, just that it takes awhile to go through the motions - a problem endemic in wrestling games. If memory serves me right though, you can break some of the moves at crucial points and, unlike the Smackdown games, you can break from submission moves and even hold them for as long as possible.
Sometimes the game can seem unfair, suddenly cranking the difficulty level up so that you canít get past a certain stage. Then you replay the stage and beat it in record time, but this doesnít happen too often.
The other thing to mention is the Create-A-Wrestler mode. Iím a creative type of person and happily spend as much time creating my character and balancing out his move set as I do in the ring furthering his career.
I revisited the game about two years ago and while it seemed more sluggish than ever - wrestling in treacle springs to mind - and the Create-A-Wrestler mode seemed shallow after the level of detail you find in most of todayís games, I still found it hard to pull myself away from the Story mode. One can only imagine that if they made a wrestling game like this today that we would be milked with DLC Storyline add-on packs.
The best wrestling game for N64 ever. Fact!
WWF No Mercy N64 Download

Game Info

Year: 2000
Publisher: THQ
Developer: AKI
Genre: Nintendo 64 Sports Games (115)  
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WWF No Mercy N64 Rom
WWF No Mercy N64 Rom 2
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