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Final Fantasy 9 PS1 Rom & ISO

Final Fantasy 9 for Sony Playstation

Final Fantasy 9 PS1 Rom Front
Game Review (written by TalenEmrys) Added on: 16 Apr 2012
Growing up with my PS1 I often found myself restless when it came to gaming. I'd often play a game for a short while, get stuck/fed up, play another one, get bored of that one, find another game, and so on..
But Final Fantasy 9. Nah. I played this game to death, with good reason!
With easy to pick up controls (Common with most final fantasy games), and the best graphics for any other game out at the same time, I was immediately hooked! I played this game until I'd completed it, and then played it again! It was where my love of Final fantasy 9 came from, and I'd recommend it to any Final Fantasy player as a MUST PLAY game!
Aside from the brilliant gameplay, the good old traditional battle styles featured largely in this game, with amazing animation for the era. The characters had some brilliant design, from not only the appearance of them, but the characteristics & Personalities!
Zidane, the main character, finds himself in a tight spot as a kidnap turns into pure trouble, and bumps into a face familiar to all final fantasy fans, the short figure Vivi (whom starred in Kingdom hearts after this game).
Packed full with comic FMV cut scenes, the characters bounce off each other and interact so realistically you feel as if you are familiar with them as you continue your way through the game. The skills each character has are intuitive & support one each other brilliantly, and although there are some points where the main party is split, the game ensures it is easy to follow the storyline anyway!
I'd also recommend having your speakers on with this game, as the music budget was certainly increased for this game, and they hugely pushed the boat out for it!
Some of the features of the game are what make it brilliant though. With the ability to learn abilities from the armor you're wearing, and then use those abilities later on when you no longer have the armor, you can have some zany combinations!
Also, LIMIT BREAKS return, under the alias of Trance mode, in which your character effectively becomes godly for a few turns, which can turn the tides of any boss battle, with a bit of luck. For example, casting 2 black magic in one turn may just give you the edge, for sure.
All in all, get this game!
Final Fantasy 9 PS1 Download

Game Info

Year: 2000
Genre: Sony Playstation Role-Playing Games (129)  
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aka: Mystic Quest, Seiken Densetsu
aka: SaGa 2 - Hihou Densetsu
aka: SaGa 3 - Jikuu no Hasha
aka: Final Fantasy 6 Advance
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Final Fantasy 9 PS1 Rom
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