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Resident Evil 2 PS1 Rom & ISO

Resident Evil 2 for Sony Playstation

Resident Evil 2 PS1 Rom Front
Game Review (written by Lekterine) Added on: 27 Feb 2012
My exciting and thrilling review of the great PS1 classic known as "Resident Evil 2"!
When I first met this game, I was living a kind of broken heart history with computer games. From the great graphic adventures I played with my old Amstrad pc 1640 (I remember the 8 disks to play "Loom") I went to Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. I didn't like it. I've always been a die-hard fan of movies and histories, so Mario seemed a bit childish for me.
So I forget for a few years the world of computer games until I found "Resident Evil 2". I hadn't the money to spend on a PS1 so it was also my first time with that particular console. I was burst out.
The cinematic intro was superb (motion, characters, textures) and pushed me into a world of truly horror. I remember the non-dying zombies grabbing my character leg as he passed by them. I remember with chills the lack of ammo, the pre-rendered scenarios with a tricky point of view that only showed your character while you hear something biting and chewing somewhere out the frame but close to you. All surrounded with a beautiful art design and sound.
In addition, as Cecille B. DeMille -the mythic cinema producer- used to say about movies: "Start them with a fire, end with an earthquake". That was the development of the game.
As you get deep into the story, the bigger it gets. Capcom is a Japanese company and Japanese don't put barriers on creativity. I don't want to spoil the story here. Maybe somebody has not played it yet. You just have to know that the zombies you fight at the beginning are just the aperitif of some heavy main courses that will make you jump off the sofa.
The puzzles are the necessary pain in the ass that makes this game a balanced form between arcade and graphic adventure. They are witty enough for not becoming boring but easy enough to not break the pace of the story.
"Resident Evil 2" grabbed me the moment I made the first two steps. Three steps later, I was being eated by a bunch of fierce zombies but that was no end. That was the renewal of a love story that began with "Donkey Kong". Therefore, I pushed the "continue" button and here I am.
If you haven't played RE2 yet, I really envy you!
Resident Evil 2 PS1 Download

Game Info

Year: 1998
Genre: Sony Playstation Action & Arcade Games (708) Sony Playstation Adventure Games (103) 
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Game Review (written by Theblackyak) Added on: 26 Feb 2012
Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 for the original Playstation home video gaming console was the second game in what would eventually become an epic stable of games, influencing media in all aspects from film to music. It was a third person perspective game with an extremely mature theme that fell into the category of survival horror. It has many puzzle solving elements. And, it is of course, full of zombies.

The plot picks up right where the original ended, with the Umbrella corporation turning people into mindless freaks via their experiments. The adventures take Claire and Leon to a city which has been overrun by zombies, unbeknownst to them when they disembark for it. A car crash traps them in the city, they become separated and they will have to use all of their skills to find their way out of Raccoon City in this action packed 3D action adventure game.

Although this is the second game in the series, many more would come on different platforms and as sequels. Resident Evil was a very influential stable of games.
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aka: Biohazard 2
aka: Resident Evil 2 - Platinum, Biohazard 2 Value Plus
aka: Rayman 2 Forever, Biohazard
aka: Biohazard
aka: Biohazard Code - Veronica, Baiohazado Kodo Beronika
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Resident Evil 2 PS1 Rom
Resident Evil 2 PS1 Rom 2
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