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Tekken 2 PS1 Rom & ISO

Tekken 2 for Sony Playstation

Tekken 2 PS1 Rom Front
Game Review (written by Deathschemist) Added on: 16 May 2012
I have many fond memories of playing Tekken 2, it was one of the first games I ever owned. As a result, I only have good things to say about it- sure it wasn't as good as tekken 3, but to be brutally honest, that does not matter at all. Not one bit.
Tekken 2, visually, is exactly the same as Tekken 1, but with a few extra characters such as Jun Kazama- mother of the protagonist from Tekken 3 onwards- incidentally, this is the only game where she's canonically alive, in other words, the only other games where she's playable are the Tekken Tag Tournament games. A crying shame, as she was far and away the most fun to play as apart from the Mishimas, Law, Lei and Paul.

Tekken 2 is also the first game in the series where you can sidestep, which adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay (literally!), if it were implemented in a street fighter game, it would break everything about the game, but since there are no ranged attacks in tekken (Gon from 3 notwithstanding, and boss characters notwithstanding), it really makes for a fast-paced and enjoyable gaming experience.

The story is a massive shock to anyone familiar with the story from Tekken 1, which set Kazuya up as the Hero of the piece, with Paul as the rival, but in this one it turns out that Kazuya is as much of a bastard as his dad is, and now it's him who must be stopped. However, not just that, Kazuya's DNA harbors a deep, dark and badly kept secret- he carries the Devil Gene, which slowly takes over his mind and body until he becomes pure evil. It also turns him purple and gives him some pretty sweet powers, including a third eye which fires laser beams (but, as I said before, devil kazuya is a boss character, and while he is unlockable along with an angelic counterpart, he is not counted in the \"no projectiles\" rule).

There are some pretty crazy characters, including a giant Russian robot, a bear named bear (well, kuma, but that is Japanese for bear), Paul Phoenix (who looks a bit like a cross between Guile, Polnareff and Ken, and in this game has a squeaky voice, but it goes gruff by 3), a bruce lee rip-off, a Jackie Chan rip-off, and many others, mostly with very improbable hair. The game itself is highly enjoyable, but difficult to explain. It is a great 3d beat-em-up, and overshadows all that has come before it (especially Virtual Fighter, I hate that game). This game was the start of what can only be called Namco's dominance in this sort of game, no other 3D fighters come close to the tekken series except for the soul series.

I give tekken 2 an 8/10, its graphics have aged pretty badly, but the gameplay is still sharp as ever, and the tekken series is a shining example of what 3D fighters can be.
Tekken 2 PS1 Download

Game Info

Year: 1996
Genre: Sony Playstation Action & Arcade Games (708)  
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aka: Rave War
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