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The Sony Playstation One / PS1
The original Playstation, by Sony, became known as the PS1 or PSOne after the second in the series hit the markets. The original was released in the early nineties was a 32 bit model that was bound to be competition for Nintendo. Why? The PS1 was originally entitled the SNES PlayStation and was part of a partnership between Sony and Nintendo. It was meant to be an add on to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but part way through production, the two factions began to argue over licensing. Sony was booted from the project, and decided to develop a home gaming console on their own. Little did they know that revenue from gaming and gaming products would one day account for over half of their total profits.

The original concept was created so that it could play SNES games and was slated for release before the SNES CD ROM. It was presented as an edutainment system, powerful enough to play the newest and most popular games, versatile enough to play the old games from the SNES, and bundled with educational software, such as Languages of the World, and atlas, encyclopedia, and even nursery rhymes for the youngsters. Namco jumped on board for gaming support and it wasn’t long before Sony had all the pieces in place to have their revenge on Nintendo.

A lot of things happened before it was finally released to the public. Sega released the Saturn, seemingly moments before the PSX hit the markets. While the Sega was superior to the PS1 in some categories, the PlayStation was very, very simple to program. Dozens of PS1 games could be created in very short periods of time by very few programmers. The PlayStation games available were superior to and more numerous than virtually any other console of its day. It was a draw for Sony. It was also comparatively cheap, again because of its simplicity.

The original PlayStation did very well and with literally 1000s of titles, there are literally 100s of PS1 ROMs available in today’s market. The games were the main draw for this simple, yet clever, home gaming console and they remain so today.

Top Sony Playstation Games

1. Grand Theft Auto 2 
Grand Theft Auto 2 PS1 2
The Grand Theft Auto series was to driving games what Mortal Kombat was to fighting games: it was innovative, exceedingly violent, morally questionable, the subject of immense scrutiny…and quite ...
Grand Theft Auto 2 PS1
2. Resident Evil 2 
Resident Evil 2 PS1 2
Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 for the original Playstation home video gaming console was the second game in what would eventually become an epic stable of games, influencing media in all ...
Resident Evil 2 PS1
3. Command and Conquer 
Command and Conquer PS1 2
Command & Conquer is one of those rare games that just never get old. It is a timeless classic that people of all ages have enjoyed for years and will ...
Command and Conquer PS1
4. Need for Speed 2 
Need for Speed 2 PS1 2
EA’s Need for Speed 2 (aka Need for Speed: V-Rally 2) was a late nineties racing game that featured a fun editor and track construction set for customization. ...
Need for Speed 2 PS1
5. Grand Theft Auto 
Grand Theft Auto PS1 2
The original Grand Theft Auto was a crazy addition to the line up of Sony’s original Playstation home video gaming console. It was an eye opener for sure with ...
Grand Theft Auto PS1
6. Gran Turismo 
Gran Turismo PS1 2
Gran Turismo for Sony’s original PlayStation home video gaming console was a late nineties release that simulated multiple different racing or driving scenarios. Much of the game plays from ...
Gran Turismo PS1
7. Tomb Raider 
Tomb Raider PS1 2
Pretty much every video gamer from the classic original PlayStation years had some sort of crush on Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The ensuing movie where Lara Croft was ...
Tomb Raider PS1
8. Silent Hill 
Silent Hill PS1 2
Silent Hill made a showing on almost all of Soy’s home video gaming consoles and hand helds, first here on the original PlayStation in the late nineties. It is ...
Silent Hill PS1
9. Toy Story 
Toy Story PS1 2
Was there a home video gaming platform that did NOT see a rendition of Disney’s Toy Story as a video game' Not many, and certainly not the original PlayStation ...
Toy Story PS1
10. Medal of Honor 
Medal of Honor PS1 2
PlayStation’s version of Medal of Honor arrived on the scene in the late nineties and became a fan favorite as a historically correct, battle exact first person shooter. It ...
Medal of Honor PS1
11. Metal Gear Solid 
Metal Gear Solid PS1 2
Metal Gear Solid PS1
12. Final Fantasy 7 
Final Fantasy 7 PS1 2
Final Fantasy VII is the first final fantasy series available on Playstation 1 platform developed by Square. FF VII is a classic Role Playing Game (RPG) genre, where you do ...
Final Fantasy 7 PS1
13. Resident Evil 
Resident Evil PS1 2
On this quite darkness game, you will face all kind of zombies looking them at the eyes of the two characters available there, named by Edward Dewey and Kevin Dooley. ...
Resident Evil PS1
14. Driver 
Driver PS1 2
Driver PS1
15. Tekken 
Tekken PS1 2
Tekken PS1
16. Spider-Man 
Spider-Man PS1 2
Spider-Man PS1
17. Crash Bandicoot 
Crash Bandicoot PS1 2
Crash Bandicoot is the first game of a series of Crash Bandicoot related games, and was originally released in 1996 for the playstation 1 gaming platform. It was released by ...
Crash Bandicoot PS1
18. Clock Tower 
Clock Tower PS1 2
Clock Tower PS1
19. Driver 2 
Driver 2 PS1 2
Driver 2 PS1
20. Monster Rancher 
Monster Rancher PS1 2
Monster Rancher PS1
21. Pro Evolution Soccer 
Pro Evolution Soccer PS1 2
The battle between the two dominant titles in the world of football simulations has been long and arduous, with multiple versions of both games appearing over the years. However, with ...
Pro Evolution Soccer PS1
22. Mortal Kombat 2 
Mortal Kombat 2 PS1 2
Mortal Kombat 2 PS1
23. Formula 1 
Formula 1 PS1 2
Formula 1 PS1
24. Gran Turismo 2 
Gran Turismo 2 PS1 2
Gran Turismo 2 released in 1999/2000 containing over 500 and 20 new tracks compared to GT1. Players are able to choose and modify any car they wish from any of the ...
Gran Turismo 2 PS1
25. Z 
Z PS1 2
26. Tekken 3 
Tekken 3 PS1 2
Tekken 3 PS1
27. Rayman 
Rayman PS1 2
Rayman PS1
28. Ultimate Fighting Championship 
Ultimate Fighting Championship PS1 2
Ultimate Fighting Championship PS1
29. D 
D PS1 2
30. Pro Evolution Soccer 2 
Pro Evolution Soccer 2 PS1 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2 PS1
31. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 
Command and Conquer: Red Alert PS1 2
Command and Conquer: Red Alert PS1
32. Toy Story 2 
Toy Story 2 PS1 2
Toy Story 2 PS1
33. Digimon World 
Digimon World PS1 2
Digimon World PS1
34. Pepsiman 
Pepsiman PS1 2
Pepsiman PS1
35. Tomb Raider 2 
Tomb Raider 2 PS1 2
Tomb Raider 2 PS1
36. Tekken 2 
Tekken 2 PS1 2
I have many fond memories of playing Tekken 2, it was one of the first games I ever owned. As a result, I only have good things to say about ...
Tekken 2 PS1
37. Metal Slug X 
Metal Slug X PS1 2
Metal Slug X PS1
38. Diablo 
Diablo PS1 2
Diablo PS1
39. Crash Team Racing 
Crash Team Racing PS1 2
Crash Team Racing PS1
40. Dynasty Warriors 
Dynasty Warriors PS1 2
Dynasty Warriors PS1
41. Road Rash 
Road Rash PS1 2
Road Rash PS1
42. WipEout 
WipEout PS1 2
WipEout is a great game for those who love racing games with a difference. It's a game where you pilot a spacecraft over a course with speed ups and weapons ...
WipEout PS1
43. Final Fantasy 9 
Final Fantasy 9 PS1 2
Growing up with my PS1 I often found myself restless when it came to gaming. I'd often play a game for a short while, get stuck/fed up, play another one, ...
Final Fantasy 9 PS1
44. Batman and Robin 
Batman and Robin PS1 2
Batman and Robin PS1
45. Metal Slug 
Metal Slug PS1 2
Metal Slug PS1
46. Assault 
Assault PS1 2
Assault PS1
47. Twisted Metal 
Twisted Metal PS1 2
Twisted Metal PS1
48. Ridge Racer 
Ridge Racer PS1 2
Ridge Racer PS1
49. Doom 
Doom PS1 2
Doom is a first person shooter game made by ID software in 1995 and is an all time classic; Doom starts the player as a marine left with only a ...
Doom PS1
50. Dino Crisis 
Dino Crisis PS1 2
Dino Crisis PS1

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