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The Sega Saturn
The Sega Saturn had its beginnings in Japan under a different name, just as the Genesis began as the Mega Drive. The Saturn was originally given a name that was basically a play on the Mega Drive’s moniker and was labeled the Sega Giga Drive, implying that the machine was more powerful and a step up from its predecessor.

The Saturn was the first 32 bit console and was also Sega’s first CD-ROM based console. Other machines had these capabilities through the use of add-ons or peripherals, but the Saturn began as such. When it was designed, the people at Sony had the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in mind, hoping to create a product superior to the 3DO and tap the market. It ended up being designed to compete with the PlayStation. The concept Saturn was going to have 2D graphics with 3D capabilities. When the design was released for the PlayStation, Sega knew it had to step up its game and redesigned the Saturn’s specifications to be more powerful right out of the gats.

Saturn made some errors in judgment when considering the pending PlayStation. First of all, they hurried production to try and get their product on the market first. Shortcuts in design and manufacturing showed. Moreover, Saturn games were not as well-thought out or easy to program as PlayStation games and the library was limited. While Virtua Fighter was bundled with the console, game designers were unable to complete Saturn games before its release, making it a great concept with nothing to play. Still, Nintendo, Sony and Sega managed to split the market almost equally. Eventually, Nintendo fell behind in performance, and Sega fell behind in gaming choices, leaving PlayStation to emerge as the real winner.

Many of the Saturn games that were released were later re-released in their entirety, having been cut short to speed completion. It helped, but it wasn’t enough to keep people interested in Saturn games. Saturn ROMs are still available, often in both versions: the original release and then the full game (many of the original releases were so rushed that they were slightly bigger than demos).

Top Sega Saturn Games

1. Dragon Force 
Dragon Force Saturn 2
Dragon Force, A SEGA Saturn exclusive, is a “suitable for everyone from kids to adults” strategy game that was released in the mid nineties. It was developed by SEGA ...
Dragon Force Saturn
2. Sonic 3D Blast 
Sonic 3D Blast Saturn 2
Sonic 3D Blast was initially an action game for the Sega Genesis, but it made its way to various other formats. In its hey day, it was released on ...
Sonic 3D Blast Saturn
3. Desire 
Desire Saturn 2
A little bit sexy and a little bit mysterious, Desire is a Hentai type of adventure game that was introduced to the Sega Saturn in the mid to late nineties. ...
Desire Saturn
4. Panzer Dragoon 
Panzer Dragoon Saturn 2
Team Andromeda developed Panzer Dragoon for publication by SEGA in the middle nineties. It was released for both Windows and the Sega Saturn and was touted as being a ...
Panzer Dragoon Saturn
5. Grandia 
Grandia Saturn 2
Hitting the markets in 1997, Grandia was a later release for the Sega Saturn. It was developed and released by Game Arts and is a top down (bird’s eye ...
Grandia Saturn
6. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter 
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Saturn 2
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is a Capcom development and publication that found its way to the Sega Saturn and the original PlayStation in the late nineties. ...
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Saturn
7. Bug! 
Bug! Saturn 2
Bug was a cute action game that was suitable for gamers of all ages. It featured classic arcade action in a platform style, featuring the usual third person perspective ...
Bug! Saturn
8. Tomb Raider 
Tomb Raider Saturn 2
If there is a more well-known and sexy lead female character in the world of classic video gaming than Lara Croft, do please name her now! Tomb Raider made popular ...
Tomb Raider Saturn
9. Rayman 
Rayman Saturn 2
Released in the middle nineties for play on a plethora of formats (such as Windows, Game Boy Advance, the family of PlayStations, and of course the Sega Saturn), Rayman was ...
Rayman Saturn
10. D 
D Saturn 2
As in Dead. This simply named action adventure game developed by Rozner Labs Software Group and Warp was published by Acclaim Entertainment in the middle nineties for a plethora ...
D Saturn
11. The House of the Dead 
The House of the Dead Saturn 2
The House of the Dead Saturn
12. Machi 
Machi Saturn 2
Machi Saturn
13. Virtua Fighter 
Virtua Fighter Saturn 2
Virtua Fighter Saturn
14. Guardian Heroes 
Guardian Heroes Saturn 2
Guardian Heroes Saturn
15. Sonic R 
Sonic R Saturn 2
Sonic R Saturn
16. Daytona USA 
Daytona USA Saturn 2
Daytona USA Saturn
17. Doom 
Doom Saturn 2
Doom Saturn
18. Marvel Super Heroes 
Marvel Super Heroes Saturn 2
Marvel Super Heroes Saturn
19. Duke Nukem 3D 
Duke Nukem 3D Saturn 2
Duke Nukem 3D Saturn
20. Princess Crown 
Princess Crown Saturn 2
Princess Crown Saturn
21. Virtua Cop 
Virtua Cop Saturn 2
Virtua Cop Saturn
22. Resident Evil 
Resident Evil Saturn 2
Resident Evil Saturn
23. Deep Fear 
Deep Fear Saturn 2
Deep Fear Saturn
24. Magic Knight Rayearth 
Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn 2
Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn
25. Mr. Bones 
Mr. Bones Saturn 2
Mr. Bones Saturn
26. Iron Storm 
Iron Storm Saturn 2
Iron Storm Saturn
27. Astal 
Astal Saturn 2
Astal Saturn
28. Mortal Kombat Trilogy 
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Saturn 2
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Saturn
29. Street Fighter Alpha 
Street Fighter Alpha Saturn 2
Street Fighter Alpha Saturn
30. Suikoden 
Suikoden Saturn 2
Suikoden Saturn
31. Tactics Ogre 
Tactics Ogre Saturn 2
Tactics Ogre Saturn
32. Worms 
Worms Saturn 2
Worms Saturn
33. Maria 
Maria Saturn 2
Maria Saturn
34. Mega Man X3 
Mega Man X3 Saturn 2
Mega Man X3 Saturn
35. Street Fighter Alpha 3 
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Saturn 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Saturn
36. Mortal Kombat 2 
Mortal Kombat 2 Saturn 2
Mortal Kombat 2 Saturn
37. Road Rash 
Road Rash Saturn 2
Road Rash Saturn
38. X-Men vs. Street Fighter 
X-Men vs. Street Fighter Saturn 2
X-Men vs. Street Fighter Saturn
39. wipEout 
wipEout Saturn 2
wipEout Saturn
40. Street Fighter Alpha 2 
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Saturn 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Saturn
41. Command and Conquer 
Command and Conquer Saturn 2
Command and Conquer Saturn
42. Theme Park 
Theme Park Saturn 2
Theme Park Saturn
43. Mega Man 8 
Mega Man 8 Saturn 2
Mega Man 8 Saturn
44. Dead or Alive 
Dead or Alive Saturn 2
Dead or Alive Saturn
45. Gex 
Gex Saturn 2
Gex Saturn
46. OutRun 
OutRun Saturn 2
OutRun Saturn
47. Myst 
Myst Saturn 2
Myst Saturn
48. SimCity 2000 
SimCity 2000 Saturn 2
SimCity 2000 Saturn
49. Snatcher 
Snatcher Saturn 2
Snatcher Saturn
50. Earthworm Jim 2 
Earthworm Jim 2 Saturn 2
Earthworm Jim 2 Saturn

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