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Bug! Saturn Rom & ISO

Bug! for Sega Saturn

Bug! Saturn Rom Front
Game Review (written by Theblackyak) Added on: 16 Feb 2012
Bug was a cute action game that was suitable for gamers of all ages. It featured classic arcade action in a platform style, featuring the usual third person perspective and a side scroll. It was released in the mid nineties by Sega after development by Realtime Associates. Bug was also available for Windows.

In this clever little arcade game, the evil widow, Queen Cadavra, has captured a host of insects, most of which are friends of Bug’s. The spider queen needs to be found and defeated in order to rescue all of Bug’s creepy, crawly little insect buddies. There are six different worlds for Bug to explore and conquer. Each world has three levels. At the end of it all, he will still have to face and defeat the spider queen herself, making the other battles look small and silly. The overall feel of the game is platform-like with the added whistle of 3D good looks. Use Bug’s patented and somewhat deadly bug bounce to take out opponents, but don’t fail to overlook the value of his zap or spit…both nasty when they are fully powered up. Probably the cutest fight move is Bug’s somersault.

Bug! also contains some very simple puzzle elements to keep you on your toes.

Bug! Saturn Download

Game Info

Year: 1997
Genre: Sega Saturn Action & Arcade Games (270)  
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Bug! Saturn Rom
Bug! Saturn Rom 2
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