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Final Fantasy 3 SNES Rom

Final Fantasy 3 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Final Fantasy 3 SNES Rom Front
Game Review (written by LillyMini) Added on: 19 Jun 2012
This is a translated Japanese role playing game with a very long playing time, leveling to the maximum level in the game will cost you more than two full days approximately. There are no classes in this version of Final Fantasy, instead you can equip so called espers to learn magic. The way leveling up work in this version of Final Fantasy is slightly less complex than Final Fantasy 5 and even more so compared to Final Fantasy 4.
You will have to grind some in this game, especially in the later parts of the game. The ending sequence is very hard to impossible if you don't do so and instead go there as quickly as you can.
There are a lot of secrets in this game that you'll only find after trying -really- hard, or with the help of a walk though. A walk through isn't really necessary to complete the game though. It's fairly easy to see where to go next and most puzzles and bosses are pretty easy.
The graphics are very good for a SNES game. The character designs, sprite designs, environment designs, level designs and monster designs are all top notch. The music, composed by Nobuo Uematsu is close to perfect and very memorable as always up until this point in the Final Fantasy series.
Like in Final Fantasy 5 and 7 there are ultimate bosses in the game, that are the hardest bosses in the game. I have never tried to beat them in this version so I couldn't tell you how doable those would be, either grab a walk through for this part, try it yourself or skip it all together as those are very optional.
The story is not very complex nor special, though still enjoyable. The characters don't get as much character development as in Final Fantasy 5 or 7, but every character get their few bits in either the main quest or side quests.
In this version of Final Fantasy you can ultimately unlock up to 14 characters to put in your party. Every character has a different and unique skill they can use. Examples are steal, magic absorb, mimic enemy moves, perform special attack techniques, etc. It also has some recurring side characters from earlier Final Fantasy's, all in a new role like Cid, Biggs and Wedge.
If you are into RPG's this is a must play, if you're new to the J-RPG style this is a very good introduction to the genre.
Final Fantasy 3 SNES Download

Game Info

Year: 1994
Genre: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Role-Playing Games (46)  
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aka: Mystic Quest, Seiken Densetsu
aka: SaGa 2 - Hihou Densetsu
aka: SaGa 3 - Jikuu no Hasha
aka: Final Fantasy 6 Advance

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Final Fantasy 3 SNES Rom
Final Fantasy 3 SNES Rom 2
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