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The Microsoft Xbox
The Xbox burst onto the sixth generation home video gaming console scene in 2001. It entered a rough market, with Sega’s Dreamcast, the Nintendo Game Cube and the PlayStation 2 already eating up the game console sales. Moreover, it was Microsoft’s first venture into the world of home gaming consoles, a virgin run so to speak. It had a large hill to climb.

The addition of the Xbox Live feature was very attractive to gamers. While the Xbox games themselves were readily available, the ability to play online was fun and versatile. It gave gamers more options for their buck.

The Xbox had a short five year run before being supplanted by the Xbox 360. Still, new Xbox games were being released as late as 2008. The last official game was Madden NFL 09, however numerous Xbox ROMs are still available, and it is an easy machine for indie and homebrew programmers to work with.

For all of its speed and amazing performance, some people felt that Microsoft hung too close to its computer background and made their first home gaming console too much like a PC. It featured an Intel 733 MHz CPU and an Ethernet port for online gaming. The hard drive was 8 GB, but there were also optional memory cards available for purchase if gamers needed to expand.

Xbox games propelled its sales. Halo: Combat Evolved was one of its most popular launch titles, but there were many fresh and unique games that drove sales. Oddly, Europe turned out to be one of the most receptive markets for this sixth generation console and its games. It is also home to some of the best modders in the business. It wasn’t long before people figured out how to tweak and improve the system. New games and hacks started popping up all over the world and even today, Xbox ROMs are everywhere. There were so many titles available for play on the original machine, and few of them have escaped the emulator craze.

Top Microsoft Xbox Games

1. Call of Duty 3 
Call of Duty 3 Xbox 2
The original Call of Duty was a later release on the Xbox, but there was almost no way it could or would be left off the roster of the Xbox ...
Call of Duty 3 Xbox
2. Spider-Man 
Spider-Man Xbox 2
Everyone’s favorite radioactive webslinger made his debut on the Xbox in 2002. Fully titled Spider-Man: The Movie, this was a fully licensed title that piggy backed the film’s ...
Spider-Man Xbox
3. Halo 2 
Halo 2 Xbox 2
If Call of Duty is not the most epic series in modern era, it could arguably be Halo. Renowned for tournaments, obsessive play and an ever-increasing stable of titles, ...
Halo 2 Xbox
4. Fable 
Fable Xbox 2
"Fable" is a role playing game released for the first generation Xbox, and it is one of the best games ever released for the console. You start off as a young ...
Fable Xbox
5. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Xbox 2
Star Wars: Battlefront II is a fully licensed title in the Lucas Arts stable that quite obviously mimics the fabled Star Wars films. It is a 2005 release ...
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Xbox
6. Counter-Strike 
Counter-Strike Xbox 2
This is a very good game for those who love FPS's, though most of the bots are very difficult, but fortunately you can change their difficulty and what type of ...
Counter-Strike Xbox
7. Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas 
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox 2
Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas was touted as one of the most “on the edge” Grand Theft Auto games ever. Granted, all of them were morally questionable and under ...
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox
8. Doom 3 
Doom 3 Xbox 2
Doom 3 is one of the best games I have ever played. I'm a regular gamer, and I am not scared easily, but Doom 3 is the first and only ...
Doom 3 Xbox
9. NBA Jam 
NBA Jam Xbox 2
NBA Jam for the Xbox is a fully licensed title of the National Basketball Association that will see real player with real stats. It was both developed and published ...
NBA Jam Xbox
10. Ninja Gaiden 
Ninja Gaiden Xbox 2
Ninja Gaiden’s legend began decades ago as a classic home gaming console play, but has continued to evolve and hook gamers into the modern era. Released for the Xbox ...
Ninja Gaiden Xbox
11. Half-Life 2 
Half-Life 2 Xbox 2
A friend of mine many years ago told me that he had played a new game and that it was his new favorite game of all time. On his recommendation ...
Half-Life 2 Xbox
12. Need for Speed: Most Wanted 
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Xbox 2
Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best 3D car games ever made by Electronic Arts. The game has a good introduction to it. The gameplay and story ...
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Xbox
13. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon 
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Xbox 2
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Xbox
14. The Sims 
The Sims Xbox 2
I don’t know for you folks, but SIMS is my first simulating game ever. There is so much to tell. Well, first of all, the idea of leading human in ...
The Sims Xbox
15. FIFA 07 
FIFA 07 Xbox 2
FIFA 07, still has what it takes as a competitive football game. Even though it is nearly six years old, this game continues to hold a firm grip on what ...
FIFA 07 Xbox
16. Burnout 
Burnout Xbox 2
Burnout is a great game where you get extra for driving to the edge or for smashing up other cars. I played it on Xbox, and I used to love ...
Burnout Xbox
17. Forza Motorsport 
Forza Motorsport Xbox 2
Forza Motorsport Xbox
18. Need for Speed: Underground 2 
Need for Speed: Underground 2 Xbox 2
Ah, Need For Speed: Underground 2. Back before EA started to turn their franchises into cash cows, EA used to make excellent games like this one here. I remember the ...
Need for Speed: Underground 2 Xbox
19. Star Wars: Battlefront 
Star Wars: Battlefront Xbox 2
Star Wars: Battlefront Xbox
20. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks 
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Xbox 2
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Xbox
21. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Xbox 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the followup to their original Marvel vs Capcom title. TONS of characters are the first thing that one will notice. There are many, many characters ...
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Xbox
22. Need for Speed: Carbon 
Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox 2
NFS: Carbon is one of the best of the NFS series with its good graphics and gameplay. The main objective of the game is to take over cities by winning ...
Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox
23. Conan 
Conan Xbox 2
Conan Xbox
24. Just Cause 
Just Cause Xbox 2
Ever wanted to feel like 007 and do whatever you want to on some remote place where nobody can stop you... try Just Cause. Guns, cars, bikes, boats, helicopters, planes, ...
Just Cause Xbox
25. Def Jam: Fight for NY 
Def Jam: Fight for NY Xbox 2
Def Jam: Fight For New York is probably one of my all-time favorite games. We will start with the story. I would have to say for a fighting game ...
Def Jam: Fight for NY Xbox
26. Max Payne 
Max Payne Xbox 2
Max Payne is a third person shooter game where you play as an undercover cop named, you guessed it, Max. The game begins with you returning home to find your ...
Max Payne Xbox
27. Fable - The Lost Chapters 
Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox 2
Fable is a relatively simple RPG from Lionhead Studios. While it didn't live up to the "Master of Hyperbole" Peter Molyneux's, well, hype, it manages to stay on its own ...
Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox
28. Halo: Combat Evolved 
Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox 2
I'm a big fan of Halo and look forward to each new release. Combat Evolved was the first in the series and will always be my favorite. It has a ...
Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox
29. Red Dead Revolver 
Red Dead Revolver Xbox 2
Red Dead Revolver Xbox
30. The Warriors 
The Warriors Xbox 2
The Warriors Xbox
31. Brute Force 
Brute Force Xbox 2
Brute Force Xbox
32. Breakdown 
Breakdown Xbox 2
Breakdown Xbox
33. Shenmue 2 
Shenmue 2 Xbox 2
Shenmue 2 Xbox
34. Shrek 
Shrek Xbox 2
Shrek Xbox
35. Fuel 
Fuel Xbox 2
Fuel Xbox
36. Fight Night: Round 3 
Fight Night: Round 3 Xbox 2
Fight Night: Round 3 Xbox
37. FIFA Street 
FIFA Street Xbox 2
FIFA Street was a game I was skeptical of at first, but this changed after a half hour of playing. Different venues can be used which is a nice touch. You ...
FIFA Street Xbox
38. Fatal Frame 
Fatal Frame Xbox 2
Fatal Frame Xbox
39. Spy vs. Spy 
Spy vs. Spy Xbox 2
Spy vs. Spy Xbox
40. Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic Xbox 2
Knights of the Old Republic is the next installment from the Bioware folks. I have played these games since I was 8. Knights of the Old Republic is a great first ...
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic Xbox
41. Mortal Kombat: Deception 
Mortal Kombat: Deception Xbox 2
Mortal Kombat: Deception Xbox
42. Hitman: Blood Money 
Hitman: Blood Money Xbox 2
The Hitman series of games has always been pretty special. Since the very first, no other game has come close to matching its style of play, and giving the player ...
Hitman: Blood Money Xbox
43. Serious Sam 
Serious Sam Xbox 2
Serious Sam Xbox
44. Test Drive 
Test Drive Xbox 2
Test Drive Xbox
45. Area 51 
Area 51 Xbox 2
Area 51 is a fun first person shooter. The graphics are typical Xbox type. The game starts off with a sort of Halo type feel of getting use to movement ...
Area 51 Xbox
46. Manhunt 
Manhunt Xbox 2
Manhunt is an excellent game for a mature player, but is absolutely not appropriate for young audiences, or anyone sensitive to violence. This game is brought to you by Rockstar, ...
Manhunt Xbox
47. Need for Speed: Underground 
Need for Speed: Underground Xbox 2
On the start up of NFS: Underground, it is apparent that this game is all about racing, tuning and modding your car to become the best of the best in ...
Need for Speed: Underground Xbox
48. Burnout Revenge 
Burnout Revenge Xbox 2
Burnout Revenge Xbox
49. Sniper Elite 
Sniper Elite Xbox 2
Sniper Elite: The best sniper game most people have never played. By the time the game was announced, there was quite a ruckus around the gaming circle; A Sniper only game' ...
Sniper Elite Xbox
50. Tomb Raider - Legend 
Tomb Raider - Legend Xbox 2
Tomb Raider - Legend Xbox

Xbox Emulators
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