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Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox Rom & ISO

Fable - The Lost Chapters for Microsoft Xbox

Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox Rom Front
Game Review (written by Kusanagi_aoi) Added on: 2 May 2012
Fable is a relatively simple RPG from Lionhead Studios. While it didn't live up to the "Master of Hyperbole" Peter Molyneux's, well, hype, it manages to stay on its own feet because it introduces elements into the RPG genre, which are now overused by similarly-themed games.
The combat system is painfully simple: you basically just need to spam the AOE version of the spells you gain to win. Alternatively, you can get ridiculously strong weapons early in the game if you do the side-quests and do the Dynasty Warriors start (i.e. kill everything). Some spells are morality-related. For two of the spammiest spells in the game, you need to either be aligned in the good or bad side of the morality slide to use them (I think).
The story is pretty standard, even predictable at times, so one need not pay attention to it to enjoy the game. No, really: if you're genre-savvy, you'll know what's going to happen to each main NPC you'll encounter paragraphs before it even happens.
The main selling point of the game at the time was the morality system. Do bad, outright asshole-ish, things and you grow horns and a fly-infestation problem, but do good, honorable, things and you get a halo and blond hair. Apart from weapon/spell wielding and making certain quests easier or more difficult, the morality thing doesn't really affect the game. Unless you mind the Cockney-accented villagers vilifying you, you could cosplay as Lucifer's favorite son and go through the main storyline scot-free.
Another selling point of the game was the option for house-buying and same-sex marriage (or for Republicans, vanilla marriage). Short of being a less-nightmarish version of Animal Crossing, the game allows you to purchase designated houses around the world to house your wife or husband in. You can buy more than one house, which apparently, in Fable's crazy, crazy mind, means you can have a harem of spouses. Just take care that they never, ever meet each other, or you'd be left in the dust.
The Lost Chapters adds a few items and quests to the original release of the game and makes it more whole. Since the price change is negligible, I recommend getting this version instead of the original, although be prepared for a game experience ranking below The Hitchhiker's Guide but above The Phantom Menace. 'Cause seriously, fuck Jar-Jar Binks.
Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox Download

Game Info

Year: 2005
Genre: Microsoft Xbox Role-Playing Games (10)  
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aka: WishWorld, Project Ego
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Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox Rom
Fable - The Lost Chapters Xbox Rom 2
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