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Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox Rom & ISO

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas for Microsoft Xbox

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox Rom Front
Game Review (written by Theblackyak) Added on: 1 Mar 2012
Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas was touted as one of the most “on the edge” Grand Theft Auto games ever. Granted, all of them were morally questionable and under constant scrutiny by the ESRB board, as well as other watch dog groups. They were even banned in some countries. But Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas seemed to stand out to many as the granddaddy of the (very fun) trouble makers.

The events of this game take place in the early nineties although the game itself was released in 2005. The game revolves around a guy who moves in an effort to leave his gang life past behind. He learns that his mother gets killed by a rival gang while he is gone, and returns to San Andreas with a vengeance.

Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas is the fifth game in the GTA series. The basic premise is still the same, with just a little extra plot added to it in the form of C.J. and his mother’s predicament. There are also some new features, such as the character’s (as a pedestrian) ability to swim and dive.

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox Download

Game Info

Year: 2005
Genre: Microsoft Xbox Action & Arcade Games (537) Microsoft Xbox Driving & Racing Games (160) 
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Game Review (written by Drummerlou) Added on: 27 Feb 2012
As a huge fan of the GTA episodes, GTA San Andreas has to be the best, so far, in my opinion.
The game itself has hours of gameplay, the storyline is really good and draws you right in. There are loads of side missions, such as the tags and zone wars.
A really excellent, feature on this game, which hasn’t been seen on any of the previous GTA games, is that you can really personalize your character. You can work out and improve the muscles of your character by using weights. You can also use running machines, which improve the running speed and jumping ability of your character. Another fun way of personalizing your character is to do with what, and how much, you make him eat. You need to feed your character every so often to prevent him from losing weight, so if you wanted him to stay slim, eat the salads, OR you can choose to feed him the supersize meals one after the other, and will then gain weight, thus decreasing speed and jumping ability of the player.
Other fun ways of personalizing the character are getting tattoos on upper torso and arms, and getting different haircuts, with different types available in different areas. The variety of clothes and accessories that can be bought are huge, with different shop types and prices ranging depending from the areas you are in. The time you could spend just making the character the way you want, is hours and hours worth.
There is driving, sailing and flying school you can attend and complete, and destruction derbies and stunt shows, you can take part in at the arena. So, as you can see, a game with a long lifespan and high playability levels.
The graphics on this game compared to previous GTA's has increased significantly. There are loads of weapons, giving loads of ways to have fun blowing cars up, or shooting people. The public react to the way you behave, and you can give positive or negative reaction to them, bringing on some pretty funny speech. At certain points in the game, you have the option of two players, this is a fun, new type of play, but is pretty limited to roaming, shooting and driving, also, would be better in split screen.
I bought these game years ago, but still playing it time after time on my Xbox.
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aka: GTA - London 69
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Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox Rom
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Xbox Rom 2
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