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Just Cause Xbox Rom & ISO

Just Cause for Microsoft Xbox

Aka: JC
Just Cause Xbox Rom Front
Game Review (written by Pef242) Added on: 3 Sep 2012
Ever wanted to feel like 007 and do whatever you want to on some remote place where nobody can stop you... try Just Cause. Guns, cars, bikes, boats, helicopters, planes, a parachute, some base-jump, loads of ammunitions...

Some kind of a ViceCity like with more freedom, but with some repetitive missions. Start with the release of villages in the occupied zone by the state. Here, the approach is always the same, you will have 3 or 4 blocks to jump on the grenade or explosive enemies to kill, then either a \"boss\" to liquidate or to hoist a flag.

Fun the first time, these phases do not vary at all during the game and eventually become a pain. Another type of missions, the carriage during which you will be asked to go from point A to point B, then often at a third point C to lug any goods or assassinate a dignitary of the government or a cartel drugs. Same problem, the approach remains the same. Finally, the blue dots on the world map represent missions to collect objects.

This game is a little uneven. On the one hand, I appreciate the quality of the environment and certain vehicle models, on the other hand one can only deplore quite some bugs.
Graphics are OK. Easy to play, you will get used to the action very fast. Only the management of weapons is not very functional.

San Esprito islands, place of the action, are beautifully rendered. Waterfalls, forests, town, sandy beach, mountains.... whatever sight you want you can get.
Despite the surprising brevity of the main quest, San Esperito size and the number of side missions ensure huge life. But I wonder who will spend as much time on repeating the same actions.
Actually I could not finish the entire game. However it is still worth a try and to be honest, I sometime go back to playing it.

Part of the pleasure is in the musical themes: guitars combining traditional Mexican themes with more powerful sounds... all in a very cinematic atmosphere. The voice, however, are very fair.
You may not agree to my opinion on Just Cause, however this is a game you just should try : a small number of core tasks well designed for a myriad of side missions without inspiration. Just Cause, however, can rely on its waterfalls to catch fire.
Just Cause Xbox Download

Game Info

Year: 2006
Genre: Microsoft Xbox Action & Arcade Games (537)  
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Just Cause Xbox Rom
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