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Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox Rom & ISO

Need for Speed: Carbon for Microsoft Xbox

Aka: NFS Carbon, NFSC
Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox Rom Front
Game Review (written by Iampo) Added on: 21 Sep 2012
NFS: Carbon is one of the best of the NFS series with its good graphics and gameplay. The main objective of the game is to take over cities by winning races and defeating other racing crews.
In this game players assume the role of a racer with a checkered past. The story is set in the fictional town of Palmont City. The city is split into four territories and the player has to take on one territory at a time.

Then the challenge is to defend the town from other crews which makes the game more interesting. The challenges can be overcome by tweaking cars, choosing the right wingman to mess with rival cars of rival gangs, and by winning races against rival gangs.

The focus of the game is on arcade-style racing. The cars in this game never get damaged and the cars stick to the road. A new concept has been introduced in this game, which is the \"wingmen\" concept. Wingmen are computer controlled and help in winning races by messing with cars of rival gangs by blocking, bumping, or harassing them.

Carbon changes things up by introducing the concepts of racing teams where different AI drivers specialize in different things. The race modes aren't original and are pretty much the same as that of the other NFS Games. It has got classic races, checkpoint, drift tracks and sprints that are normal races but with more dangerous terrain such as canyons. This time, while drifting in a mountain track, the car smashes in the protection railing, and the car falls of the mountain. A couple of improvements have been made in this game which are the design of the tracks and the drifting events. The FMV sequences of the game are very good. And what makes this game even better is there are lots of customization options.

There are plenty of unique control options. The sound effects are great. All the tracks have a kind of cinematic feel. The wingman mechanics and canyon races are to be criticized. There is also no online play.
And if the pros of the game are its FMV sequences and customization options then the cons should be the games frustrating boss battles and police chases.
The gameplay of NFS: Carbon is rock solid. I liked this game very much and I think everyone should give this game a try.
Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox Download

Game Info

Year: 2006
Genre: Microsoft Xbox Driving & Racing Games (160)  
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Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox Rom
Need for Speed: Carbon Xbox Rom 2
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