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Need for Speed: Underground 2 Xbox Rom & ISO

Need for Speed: Underground 2 for Microsoft Xbox

Aka: NFSU2
Need for Speed: Underground 2 Xbox Rom Front
Game Review (written by Supranova) Added on: 17 Aug 2012
Racing games have a fickle target audience. On one hand, there are the gear heads, people who love to tune every aspect of their ride so once it hits the photo realistically rendered track it destroys the competition with perfect corners and the right accelerator to brake ratio. On the other hand, there are the speed freaks, those who just want to see stuff fly by the screen as fast as possible, with the odd high speed collision to punctuate the excitement of course.

Need For Speed Underground 2, for the Xbox/ps2, does a pretty good job at hitting both of these category's, as well as adhering to the tuner culture that became oh so mainstream after The Fast and the Furious. The Game casts you as the same driver in the previous underground, only this time giving you a whole open world to explore. Drivers can navigate their car around a whole city at will, finding new shops and garages on the way, and if you can see a landmark in the distance, chances are you can drive there. When its finally time to race, game modes include all from the previous NFS, including drag racing and drift challenges, as well as some new modes including outrun, where upon finding a fellow racer in the streets you can choose to challenge him, initiating a race where the goal is to simply outrun the other driver.

Customization is back in full force, allowing players to decorate their ride with stickers, body kits, neon and the like. Players also have the option to load their garage with a new vehicle class, the SUVs. A heavier, more intimidating option to the tuner counter parts, SUVs are pretty fun when you want a change of pace, and its always oh so fun riding through the open city streets playing with those new hydraulics you just bought. All of your hard design work can be shared with friends or just yourself through a photo shoot mode, that allows players to open doors/hoods/ use hydraulics to find the perfect pose for your car.

If I were to go back to my Ps2 and buy only one other need for speed game, I would most likely choose most wanted. However, if your a need for speed collector, love the sort of arcade/ sort of realistic handling of Black box racing games, or are a tuner lover, I would highly suggest giving Need For Speed Underground 2 another look.
Need for Speed: Underground 2 Xbox Download

Game Info

Year: 2004
Genre: Microsoft Xbox Driving & Racing Games (160)  
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Game Review (written by SocialOutcast) Added on: 1 Aug 2012
Need for Speed: Underground 2 is a racing game developed by EA games, or Electronic Arts and was released in 2004.
With this release, they have made the racing area to be one big city. However, you must complete a "stage" in order to unlock the other parts of the city. The city is quite large and takes a while to memorize but there are many "landmarks" that makes remembering your way easy. If you don't like to get lost. Don't worry, there is a nice GPS feature, which shows you the way with blue arrow pointing you into the direction of your target.
Races can be found in the streets or even an alley. You can use the GPS to guide you to them. However, there are a few hidden races, which offer a hefty amount of bounty compared to the others on the map.
The free-roam style wasn't left out completely blank. You can refill your NOS meter by drifting around and making 360 turns or near missing other cars. Why would you want to refill your NOS in free-roam? To get those opponents win the streets. You challenge them by driving up behind them and initiating an "outrun duel". After victory, you will gain bounty (in game credit). Lose however and you'll lose money. Achieving a certain number of outruns each round will give you a special part upgrade for your ride. It could be either performance or visual.
The SUV races however seem to be redundant in the game. You could do the SUV only races for more bounty in later stages.
A nice addition to the game, which the game is obviously focused on, is the customization of vehicles. You can change the entire look of your car. From bumpers, side skirts, mirrors, rims, spoilers, roof scoops, vinyls, base paint and much much more.
There is also a star meter that is affected by your cars looks. Having a higher star rate will unlock magazine cover opportunities, which will give you bounty based on your star meter progress. A maximum of 10 stars can be achieved and rewards the highest amount of bounty during magazine shots.
In the end, Need for Speed: Underground 2 is a very fun game to play, although it can sometimes "cheat" to make the game harder for you. Typical EA games programming. However, it is still enjoyable when the AI doesn't receive sudden speed boosts to catch up to you.

Game Review (written by SocialOutcast) Added on: 12 Jul 2012
Ah, Need For Speed: Underground 2. Back before EA started to turn their franchises into cash cows, EA used to make excellent games like this one here. I remember the days with my Xbox when I used to log countless hours of gaming into this one game, mainly due to the fact it was so fun.

The game starts out with you arriving in the town of Bayview, where you start from humble beginnings as a racer with a subpar car with little money to a racer with a souped-up car with lots of money.
The graphics are great for the Xbox, and while driving they will do a motion-blur type thing while you cruise at 85 miles an hour.

The music is also superb, with tunes that easily fit the game and get your adrenaline pumping. But the best thing about NFS:U2, besides the great music and graphics, is the fact you can free-roam the city and take on races whenever you want. It reminds me of GTA in some ways, minus all the violence and cursing.
If you still own an Xbox or any other systems that this game was released for, get this. You won't regret it.
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aka: NFSU, NFSU1
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Need for Speed: Underground 2 Xbox Rom
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