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The Sims 2 Xbox Rom & ISO

The Sims 2 for Microsoft Xbox

Aka: Les Sims 2, De Sims 2
The Sims 2 Xbox Rom
Game Review (written by Magdaa) Added on: 19 Jun 2012
SIMs is the best game for girls. You must take care of people who have the typical human problems. You can take care of your person since his childhood to his dead. Make relationship with other people. Do everyday things, go to school, work. Very good game for everyone who donít like action games.
My first meeting with game was about 5 years before. At first, I played the sims 1 and now I play the sims 3. I spent many hours with this game, I love it, it is very useful game for children, who can learn there, how difficult is taking care of someone who isnít self-confident. They must feed them, give them to toilet, send them to shower and many other things. Your sims can breed pets like dogs and cats. Your sims can learn many things like cooking, playing chess, tidying, painting. They can be good sportsmenís, scientists or doctors. They can see a ghost or be a ghost when they die. You can go shopping with your sim, he can buy here clothes, books or some food. If your sim haven't got any children, you can adopt some lonely child, to give him beautiful life. Sims like working on garden they love growing plants. When sim grow up he can move house and make their own life. They can have children and get married. Sims have different moods, every one is original. One wants to have a family and the other wants to have the best job. Both can be good friend. Sims in this game fall in love, get angry, make friends, flirt or get divorced when they are always arguing. Children can go to the university, live in a college and have they parties with other students.
When you make your sim, you can choose everything since his nose to legs. You can choose color of his hair or eyes. Choose clothes (T-shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, tops) for everyday wearing, pajamas for sleeping, swimsuit or clothes made for doing sports. You can choose for your sim hundred hairstyles or give him glasses. When is he doing his job well he can be promoted. At first, he go to job by old car, but the best position fly with helicopter. In basic version you can buy fish in aquarium, you must feed in or id die. People can built their own house and decorate it how they want: paintings, flowers, colorful walls and the others.
I recommend this game. Itís really unique.
The Sims 2 Xbox Download

Game Info

Year: 2005
Genre: Microsoft Xbox Simulation Games (42)  
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aka: The Dollhouse Simulator, Tactical Domestic Simulator
aka: Les Sims - Permis De Sortir, De Sims - Erop uit
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